Friday, April 1, 2011

FRIDAY ! Friday ... friday

Hard to translate echoes to the written word. I'm trying something different today.  I'm starting this early in the morning and scheduling it to publish later.  I'll come back at various times and edit and add to it.

Good theory anyway.

Today's schedule includes cleaning up old blue, taking out the radio, etc.  Sue and I have some errands to run in Terre Haute this afternoon, I may need to run to Marshall this morning and meet with a banker or a few minutes.

So far today I've written up a rental agreement on some farmland, faxed it the landowner and talked to him twice, done payroll, and eaten breakfast. SO I'll save this and see y'all later.

9:30  OK, Plan B.  Banker said  his schedule got changed, so we rescheduled for Wednesday.  I stopped and checked on the black pickup.  No answers yet.  I decided to try hooking the little goose neck trailer to the 550.  It just barely clears ... close like the bed will scrape the paint on the jack when it turns tight if everything is not setting just right.  I backed the trailer in the shed and painted the ramps Aman rebuilt.  I'd take a picture but black paint just doesn't lend itself to photography very well.

10:30 Now that I've had my mid-morning caffeine break I think I'll pull it out and run Blue in, uninstall the radio, clean out the cab, and see if I can get the name off the door.

19:30  (7:30 PM) I got the radio and lights off Blue, peeled the name off the doors, cleaned out the cab ... and I am STILL getting broken glass out of it from when I slid the table through the back window.  Oh, you don't know about that ?  Good ...

We parked it in front of Ron's with a sign in the window.

After noon I checked on Cynthia, went to the bank, then on to Terre Haute to Specialty Graphics to pick up the door lettering for the 550. When I got back I Goo-Gone'd the doors on the 550 and removed the adhesive from the IFTA stickers.

Seemed like I did more before I wrote it down.

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