Friday, April 8, 2011

The smoke got out

Did you know electronic devices work by smoke?  It's true!  Think about it.  Everything is working well until something breaks and lets the smoke out.  Then you have to get new parts with new smoke in them.

I was trying to drill a couple holes Thursday when I let the smoke out of the motor on the drill press.  Lots of smoke.
It is a made in China drill press.  Everything on it is metric.  I have no problem with that. I kind of prefer metric personally. But I don't think I have any old motors setting around with metric shafts. So I went down and talked to Ralph.  He suggested I might be better served just replacing the whole press. It probably wouldn't cost much more than a motor if I could find one.

I pondered on it most of the day.  I came home, ate supper, and Sue I talked about it.  We jumped in the big red Ford and went to Harbor Freight.  I bought the biggest, heaviest, hardest to handle drill press they had in stock.  I was really glad we brought the Ford, because I don't know the box would have fit in the Dodge.

Friday I took the Ford to the shop and slid the box off on the Hyster.  I took all the pieces and parts out and was looking them over when Mom came in.  So we set up the drill press.  The instructions were very detailed.  The only problem is they changed how they packed and assembled it but failed to change the instructions.  But we figured it out.   The biggest problem was getting the head on top of the column.  We used a couple lawn mower straps to pick it up with the floor crane and set it where it should go.
Oh, and this is for Mom
In the OH $#^&! department, talked with Jeff from Syngenta today.  Everything we have is "plant the male first"   I can't describe how happy that makes me (I know, sarcasm doesn't work online very well).  To be honest I feel a little taken advantage of.  I bought a 2 row male planter from Syngenta this winter.  Then they offered to let me use the 3 row as I needed for storing it.  Now I haven't got a use for them.  However to be honest it isn't their fault.  If I had RTK autosteer I could use the 3 row to plant male first then come back with the 12 row to plant the female.  But I don't have it ... yet.  It's beginning to look like if I want to keep producing seed corn I may have to go to autosteer.

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