Saturday, April 17, 2010

So why am I setting at the computer instead of planting corn?

I know, it's 5:40 AM April 17th. I should be on a tractor someplace. We've already caught they dry ground. Thursday I planted 1 field ... 'course it was a 115 acre field and included a 16 variety test plot.   Yesterday I finished the end rows on the big field (hard to line up next to the neighbor's in the dark) and planted 3 more fields ... maybe 20 acres all together.

But back to today. We have 40 acres ready to plant, but it needs to air out a little  We have another 20 that just needs a Till-oll drug through it and another 15 that was on the fertilizer application list.  Then we are waiting on dry ground or the seed production folks. They didn't want to plant this early.  So next week the other ground will dry out about the time Syngenta says "plant seed corn" .  Part of it I guess.

I keep telling myself "It's only the 17th.  Remember, Ivan wouldn't let you plant corn on him until May 10th".  But we're making progress.

edit added later:

I hate breaking in new spreader operators.  I mentioned we were on the list.  It is for dry and liquid on the 20 by the creek.  Plant manager knows the field. He used be a driver.  He's been stuck in it before.  They'd have it by dark. Fine, works out well.  Come past the field this morning ... not nearly enough tracks.  OK, go on down the road ... and the next field has a bunch of tracks in it.

No ... he wouldn't have ...

So I go back and look closer at the 20.  No dry fertilizer laying around.

I call the son in law (he lives next door to the fertilizer plant.  "You left town yet?"

"Yep, I'm at the fertilizer plant. The 20 doesn't have any dry on it, but Don's does."

"I noticed that..."

The other new driver out the second app of nitrogen and Harmony on some wheat earlier this week.  Field is 1/4 mile long, as a driveway back to the irrigation pump, then another 1/8 of a mile to the south end.  New operator thought the drive was too rough to cross (we cross it with every field operation) so he was turning on each side of it.

I hate breaking in new spreader operators.

Oh, here's the plot layout by the way

EX 1007    HX1 with RR
5435XR    HX Xtra with RR
5779V3    VT3
6179V3    VT3
Comp D    DKC62-54VT3
5716A3    AgriSure 3000GT
5676XR    HX Xtra with RR
Comp P    P1395XR
EX 1010    HX1 with RR
6903HR    HX1 with RR
6733XR    HX Xtra with RR
EX 1006    HX1 with RR
6288A3    AgriSure 3000GT(Triple+RR/LL)
EX 0005    AgriSure GT(RR)
6464HR    HX1 with RR
6363XR    HX Xtra with RR

Plot listed from South to North
Borders are 5676XR+5676RR Last 3 rows North of 6363 are 5676RR (9XR-3RR)

Planted 4-16-10   28,500 pop

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