Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How thick ?

Been planting irrigated seed production.  When they told me the population they wanted I paused and asked they repeat it.
Yes, that says 39,900.  That's just a bit higher than usual.  Dad thought I was planting corn pretty thick at 29,000.  For those unfamiliar with what those numbers mean, that is the number of seeds planted per acre (an acre is an area 66 feet wide by 660 feet long)

We have 2 seed fields planted, should have 2 more tomorrow.  Well ... not finished, just first planting done.  We will wait 40 heat units and plants the pollinator.

The fertilizer guys have been fighting equipment malfunctions.  One sprayer broke so they borrowed one from another plant ... which was full of crud. 

The dry spreader was not working as well as it should either.  For some reason I did not feel this was a good enough application job
I know, I'm just a grouchy old guy.

The jury is still out on our closing wheel experimentation. We should have some corn up in a few days to give us an idea of how they perform.  I really like the appearance of the Posi-Close wheels (the ones on the right)

The seed production field guy was reasonably impressed with them.  Once he found the row it left a nice mellow surface.  Sure did make it difficult finding seed, though.
I like the Dawn Curvetines as well, but I really like the way the Posi-Close leaves the surface.

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