Saturday, April 24, 2010

So which closing system do you like?

If you scroll down a ways you'll find some information on an experiment we were conducting with various closing wheels.  It isn't too scientific, more observation than anything.  We're not going to do yield checks or anything like that.    The one thing we have observed at this point is the JS Ag Innovations "IH knock-offs" have a clear advantage when it comes to what gets out of the ground first.  We tried to make sure everything was planted the same depth. We put 2 of the JS units on the planter, one on row 5 and one on row 10.  That would be where the male rows go in seed production.  Row 5 had Posi-Close on each side

Row 10 had a Dawn Curvetine and JD rubber wheel on each side
Oh, and No, these photos were not taken in the same field as the next photo.

Driving past the field you can pick put the JS system at 30MPH.  Here is an example

The Schlagel Posi-Close might have an advantage in some situations.  I'm hearing from folks who say the Posi's don't crust as badly as some other combinations.  And in a reduced tillage situation we can see the Dawn and Posi's possibly having an advantage.  And I need to go back and look more closely at how the JD Tru-Vee compared to the others.

Will it make an economic difference?  We probably can't answer that.  But so far it makes an appearance difference. And in seed production it will be a lot easier to plant a split planting if the planter is using the JS Ag wide press wheel. 

I've long advocated getting off the tractor every hour or two and walking around it and what you are pulling.  A bit of a leg stretch, plus it gives you a chance to eyeball everything.  I was doing that Thursday when I spotted this
If that pin had come out because the clip was missing it could have been a very bad day

Be careful out there!

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