Friday, April 9, 2010

It's almost that time of year

I had to keep looking at the calendar last week. At 7 AM Tuesday I stuck a thermometer in the ground.
60 degrees means plan corn ... but April 6th is still early even for me.  I'm watching the weather on TV as I type and Kevin is talking about frost.  But next week I may get all excited about planting corn.  We're still trying to get bins cleaned out!
 But we're working diligently to get it done.
Between snow and posted roads and soft driveways and yards, it's been a real challenge this year.  The guy who mows the yard at Gramp's is not going to be real proud of us. After getting a semi stuck loading out corn and a week later getting our truck stuck, well, it isn't a lawn.  Jumping back and forth between sweep auger and tractor driving is not something we are used to doing
But I guess we're not alone.  I see several neighbors doing the same thing.  It's going to be a long spring. 

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