Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's April ...

It's April and I'm just getting a good run on my December to-do list. Oh well, what else is new? Ralph is hoping to get the bed on the KW next week. "Course he said that last week too.

Aman and I moved the paintball course this week. Perhaps that requires an explanation. I bought some farm ground last year. The owners had a private paint ball course onit. Terra Tires, tractor tires, old doors, etc. if doesn't show up very well here but you get the idea

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They were to remove everything. Well, that was almost a year ago and my patience ran out. We started to work on it a week ago. We moved one load of tires and were told they had help coming this weekend to do it. So we left it. Yesterday I decided it was time. Aman borrowed a bolt on pallet fork from his dad to put on out loader. Worked great. Stick it through the middle of a tire, pick it up, set it on a trailer, haul trailer to the house and do again unloading it. My original plan was to use a small chain and handle them like dad did round bales. This was a lot easier. And there wasn't too much worry of damaging one.

We moved ... I lost count. Probably 50 or so tires. Plus other assorted stuff. I spent an hour with the loader pushing brush around. This morning I dug through it with the Soil Saver. Probably should have gotten out the moldboard, but it was hooked on already. We're going to need to take the backhoe down and do some sprout removal.

This afternoon I chiseled the milo stubble just north of town we had not touched last fall. The blasted GPS (that's no how Pioneer Karla referred to it but close enough) messed up to the point I turned it off and drove the old fashioned way. it seemed to work OK going north, but come south and it was consistently 2-3 ft off. One area I was playing, using the straight line mode and skipping a pass each time. Sometimes it was spot on, others it was consistently off. I was going south one pas when it just led me to he next pass. Ahhh technology

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