Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pickup ttrucks

I traded trucks Monday. Yes, the Quad Cab has left the premises
It has been replaced by a blue (gasp!) Chevy (gasp!) one ton flatbed. It meets our current needs better, has 70,000 fewer miles, and the trade involved very little cash!
Yes, it looks considerably like the 94 pickup the '01 replaced. Unbelievable, this is the only photo I can find of that truck.  Gotta be another one someplace.
And that included the white flatbed that was Aman's. Well, I did find the front of it in a reunion photo
Let's see what other pickup photos I can find. Of course there is the 550.
and the Jeep
and I did find a sort of picture of the green 6X6

 and the Toyota
I probably have more, but not easily accessible.

I got to pondering on trucks I've owned. I'm not very brand loyal. If I haven't missed one this makes 5 Chevy's, 4 Dodges, 6 Ford's, 1 GMC, and 1 Toyota.   None were new.  At least 8 of those had over 100,000 when I bought them. 3 were dually's, 3 were flatbeds, 3 had service beds. 1 was a work van.  5 were red, 6 were blue, 2 were green, 2 were white, and I'm not sure what color to call the Toyota.  Gray/black/sort of?

I'd kind of like to one day own a new truck. Came close this summer  Bought Sue a new car.
Which is a good thing. One of my personal goals is for Sue's car to always be newer than my truck. I'd say with my new 1994 Chevy I might have some bonus years stored away.

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