Monday, September 2, 2013

Been making water

OK, just relocating water. Finally got the well drilled,

 pipe run,

wires connected and lines flushed
to make the new irrigator at Neal's work.
Found a few quality control issues.  Looks to us like this one part is drilled wrong because all three towers have the same problem.  The bolt just won't fit!
But we got something to work. We towed it to the other riser
 and made sure that Yes, it DOES clear the bins.
5 feet is just as good as 50, right?
Also ordered a new propane fueled engine for the Drake Place irrigator.  The John Deere has in excess of 10,000 hours (we don't know for certain.  The hour meter quit and Dad put in an electric one which shows over 9,000 hours) and is developing a few issues.  We felt like it was time to replace the turbo exhaust elbow last winter
 And recently discovered the Rockford PTO is running on borrowed time.
I found that when I pulled a wire loop out of a drain hole in the PTO one morning.  This came out.
After talking to a couple Deere Service Managers I guess it isn't that important.  The one with the most irrigator experience knew exactly what it was and where it went and told me I could safely run without it.  He also gave me an idea of what I might be looking at in the near future.  We (OK, I) decided it may be best to look into a replacement engine.  We can put this one in the corner as a spare.

I've been pondering on a propane fueled engine quite a while.  The engine is cheaper to buy and cheaper to use.  If the numbers can be believed the savings in fuel cost should pay for it in 2-3 years.  Right now there is some PERC (propane advocacy group) money offering an incentive to buy a propane engine. Aman and I talked a long time with the rep at the Farm Progress Show.  The next day I  called me dealer and ordered a GM 5.7 liter from Husker Power Products.

But I bet it won't sound as sweet as Louie Venard's old 318 Chrysler with straight pipes did.

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