Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's August already? Really?

It can't be August.  In my mind it ought to be mid-June.  But I know better than that, it was July 4th just yesterday. So .. what has been happening since then? Finished wheat, got the doublecrop beans all planted, hauled out the wheat we put in the bin.

Yes, I know, I am philosophically opposed to putting wheat in the bin. Actually it's less philosophy and more not wanting to run a sweep auger in a bin in summer. But we did and it worked out well.
Umm, if I'm on the bin roof and Aman is spotting the truck ... that means Pup is driving it!  I'm not sure my heart is up to this either. Putting wheat in the bin was a great idea this year.  We kept the combine going and we actually made money on it.  Between the drying and handling it picked up test weight.  I've heard this from other folks, that handling wheat raises test weight. I don't understand it, I just take their 40 cents and smile.  Looks good going in the truck
Irrigating has been a lot different than last year.  We're just getting started now. Had a valve failure in the pipeline,

but a call and quick trip to Carlisle had us going again
We asked a different irrigator service guy to replace them over a year ago.  I guess he's been too busy. Did something else out of normal for us.  Had some hay baled.  I put it under roof before it got wet.  Called a friend who called an uncle.  I had it sold by dark.

spraying is caught up, roads are mowed, started the irrigators up, Beck's Field Show at Neoga is next Thursday ... wait a minute, that's in August.  By the time I get my head to understanding it's August we'll be cutting milo

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