Thursday, August 22, 2013

Making it rain

It's that time of year
One of the joys of irrigating is playing in the COLD water. This wasn't one of ours but it was a neighbor's.  I just had to borrow Kaycee's picture, it was too good. 
I prefer not to.  If you look closely you may see water is coming out places it shouldn't.  Had to climb up and tighten some hose clamps.
Making a 50 foot deep post hole at Neal's ..  and it leaks water in the bottom!
The pipe they are installing is this one
 There are enough slots to flow 1500 GPM
 You dig a hole you have to fill it up.  They poured gravel up to above the slots then sealed it with concrete.  Sorry, no pictures of that.  The cement truck got lost and I got tired of waiting.

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