Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wheat harvest has FINALLY begun

I'll be honest, I was getting a bit discouraged.  The weather patterns seem to be against us.  We ran the combine to the field Friday and it tested almost 16% with a 53 # TW ... then we got 3/4" overnight.  However Sunday afternoon Sue and I decided to cut a sample just to see how dry it was.  13.3% !  So I filled and dumped one truck before the elevator closed Sunday evening (12.9% 57 # TW) and then filled both trucks before calling it a night
This is the field I was so concerned about in March we thought about destroying and replanting to beans.
Here is roughly the same area this afternoon
Don't have a yield yet, but it has to be more than I was afraid it would make.

Oh, and we have had a major systems failure
This could be serious.

I hate breaking in new leather.  First throw it in the driveway and run over it a few days.  Well ... never did it that way but thought about it.

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