Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting closer ...

... just not sure to what. Got the wheat cut,
 planted the double crop beans,
certified acreage at the FSA office, cleaned out the corn planter, mowed roads.  We do still have just a little bit to plant.  Here, I'll show you. Here is a photo from last year with the spot outlined in red.
We've not been able to harvest a crop off this mud hole for years, ever since the ditch quit draining properly. We have planted it, but the water always took it.  We did a bit of ditch maintenance this Spring and I'd REALLY like to at least plant something there.  It may be corn in 30" rows just to prove I can plant something, but I hope the end of this week or the first of next week to plant SOMETHING there.

We did our double-drop beans a bit differently this year, too.  We have not been happy with the stand we've gotten double-cropping for a long time.  Since we only have 45 or so acres we decided to take the time to disk it first.  Soil moisture isn't a problem since it is irrigated.  Looked like this
We're hoping it works out.  After the drills runs though it doesn't look as bare as you might think.  Look at the photo above of Aman planting it.  It will wonderful ... just wonderful. So now we are just doing day to day stuff.  Tomorrow's plans include getting the tree limb out of my front yard that fell the other night, taking mom's cart and charger to Paris and telling them to fix the !@#$ thing this time, and mowing roads ... always mowing roads and watching the skies

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