Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So How Has Your Day Been ?

It's kind of been one of those days.  Not too bad but I've had better.  Started out OK.  Sue and I put the radiator back on the JD irrigation engine.  Yes, Sue and I.  I possibly could have done it myself, but holding the radiator in place while putting in the mounting bolts would have been difficult.  Anyway, we got it back together and filled it with fresh antifreeze.  We were going to put a bearing or two in the combine but had a little help that distracted us.
Oh, and we had mud puddles, too
 After dinner we looked at the radar.  Not too encouraging.  Sue decided to mow yard until she was rained out.  I decided to mow roads until then.  Good plan until I did something dumb.  Bouncing over a culvert at a field entrance the wheel on the Bush Hog caught the culvert just wrong.  The net result?
Steve Lindley helped me get it in,  I got back with the wheel assembly just as the rain hit.  I took the arm off and took it to ROC.  Oh, did I mention the storm warning NWS issued?  I came home to see this coming over the hill.
Got another .88" at the shed.
Isn't this beautiful?  Wait until the 20 + ft river gets here Friday. All this will be standing in water.
OH **** I included a link to the river stage site.  Since I looked last they raised the forecast to 21.4

As Dad was told one time, "Sonny, you knew it was there when you planted it."

To end the day I was setting in the living room thinking of popping some popcorn after I finished this when the fire pager went off for a car fire.  Oh well, we saved the tail lights. So I come home and finish this as I'm unwinding to find a 21.4 river forecast.

And I just realized I never did get my popcorn I was going to make tonight.

Yep, one of those days

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