Friday, March 15, 2013

You bought what?

I've only been to one auction this winter.  I bought some pipe wrenches and a couple boxes of stuff. Keep in mind, when I buy a pipe wrench it is going to be a Rigid.  There are Rigid pipe wrenches and all the other junk.
This one is 36" long
I didn't give the $179 it is listed for most places. Actually I bought about a dozen all totaled. But only one 36" one.

Generally you buy a box because it has one or two items you really want
I bought a $2 box with 6 of these in it.  I've been going to buy some to mount on my pickup bed to tie things to.  Sometimes you buy the box just for the box
Then there are some things you get in a box that you have no idea what you'll ever do with them
 I have no clue what this is for.  But all these drill bits and screwdriver bits came with it in the tackle box.
 And I really doubt I'll ever need to lace a flat belt. Or sprayer divider blocks.
I might use the knee pads ... if I can find them when I want them. Sometimes you hit a treasure.  These cost a LOT more than the $2 I gave for all of them
And then you get a really good buy, like a heavy duty condensate pump for $2
Only to discover it is a 460 volt motor.  But it is a REALLY nice one

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