Thursday, March 28, 2013

Got this email today:
Mike, congratulations on winning the Topcon Precision Ag System 350!  Here’s a photo of the system you will get:
System 350 – X30 console and AGI-3 receiver/steering controller

Can you tell me what kind of equipment you have and if it is steer-ready?

We will be working with Altorfer, Inc., our dealer (AGCO) in Lincoln, IL to get you the equipment. Prize will be presented by a regional manager from Altorfer and Topcon’s Midwest Regional Sales Manager, Justin Jones, from Sioux Falls, SD.

Because you are only about 150 miles from Lincoln, IL, we’re thinking we would like to do this on your farm. That will let us get some of your equipment in the photo which we’ll use for press announcements.  If that is okay with you, do you have a day where we might do this in the first half of April?  We have to line up a photographer, coordinate the equipment you’ll be getting, etc. 

Do you think we might do this sometime during the second week of April?  Let me know and, again, congrats on winning the Topcon System 350!!


Joe Robertson
Product Marketing Manager – Ag
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We've talked about what to do with it.  One choice is the spraying tractor

The MX 275 would be the ideal choice, but it already has the 750 autosteer unit in it
And the combine shares the 750 display with the 275
So right now we are leaning toward the 9270.
The Topcon 350 has a lot of features that we probably won't be able to take advantage of in this tractor.  We may decide to do some changling before next year.  But for now it looks like the best destination.

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