Thursday, March 21, 2013

{Deedle Deedle Deedle}

Blasted new phone.  I'm in a meeting and it's going off.  How do I shut this off?  Who's calling me from California?  Must be another tool salesman.  I'll check it later.

"You have one new message. Touch 1 to hear new messages"
"This is Joe Robertson with Topcon Precision Ag. I'm calling about a prize drawing you won at a recent farm show.  Please call me at ......"

Great, I've won a new hat.  Oh Well ...

{ring ring}
"Hello this is Joe Robertson"
"Yes Joe, this is Mike Bumpus.  I was in a meeting and you left a message on my voicemail."
"Yes Mr. Bumpus.  You signed up at our display at the Louisville Farm Show and won out Grand Prize, a Topcon 350."

OK, so I'm thinking this might be more than a hat.  Then he says, "We'll send this to our dealer, Altorpher in Clinton, Illinois, who will arrange for the installation."

I'm getting the idea this is more than a new hat.  I thanked him, said I had to get back in my meeting, exchanged some info and pleasantries and hung up.  Later I called Becky.

"Hey! Look up Topcon 350.  I just got a call from a guy that says I won one at Louisville."

"... Dad ... this is a lot of stuff. It has a box that goes on top of the cab and a display and  ... you WON this?."

It's been a long day.  3 meetings, stop by CellOne to fix my new phone that doesn't work (when you do a software update on a iPhone you have to re-enter some stuff), go to Rural King,  plus visiting at Mom's because both brothers are home.  I'm just now setting down to the computer to look it up.

And I found a Youtube video

You know, this might amount to something.

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