Thursday, July 26, 2012

I get up, I work on irrigators, I go to sleep ...

"What you been doing?"


"Besides that?"

"Just irrigating"

Illinois irrigation systems were not designed to provide all the water a crop needs.  They were designed to supplement rainfall a few times a year.  This year has placed a heavier than normal demand on them.  Everything I did today involved an irrigator in some way.  I'm facing problems we never faced before.

For instance, I have 2 engines I can't keep cool.  I think there are multiple reasons:
1.Air temperature is above normal
2. The radiators need the fins washed out
3. The radiators need taken to a radiator shop and cleaned internally.

The only one of those I can do much about right now is #2.   So I have had to resort to more creative measures
On one I ran a hose from the line to the pivot to a sprayer nozzle with a valve to adjust flow
On the other I got to digging around in Mikey's treasure chest (aka the crib) and found a soaker hose I bought in a clearance aisle.  I think it included some adapters or such I used and the hoses were extra freebies.  I took out a pipe plug and put in a boiler drain,
then ran a garden hose to the front of the engine
I don't like doing either.  It just limes up the radiator.  But it is doing the trick until we can take them off and go see Roady
Thursday will start with a second trip to Ashmore.  Lyman's alternator quit charging.   AHW (if you're old enough you'd call it Coffey Brothers) had one at another store, and got it transferred in Wednesday afternoon. 
That wire on the right side going to the bottom terminal on the old one goes to the middle terminal on the new one.  So does the one on the left side.  The new alternator had 6 pages of details about rewiring the reman alternator ... none of which seems to match this.  So better safe than sorry, my Thursday morning will begin at Ashmore over two little wires.

I'm beginning to understand what Scott Knoblett meant.  He said one time "I get up, I work on irrigators, I go to sleep."  He never mentioned a bed.

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