Friday, July 6, 2012

Desperate times call for desperate measures

It is Friday, isn't it?  Started out the day with a surprise drug test. I could not tell me in advance I was being tested.  It was really tough, because I am a fairly sharp person and catch on the things like that quickly.  But I am also very good at following guidelines, so it was a total shock when the visiting nurse stopped at 8 AM to get a sample.

I then helped with the tear down of the BluMed tents at the park we had for the 4th
I'm not sure which is more difficult, putting up or tearing down in an orderly manner.

Then I started messing with irrigators. Switched from the big system south of the road to the towable to park it so it could be moved.  Noticed Lyman's north system was off, so checked it and restarted it.  Came back a half hour or so later and was off again EXACTLY  where it stopped last time it made a circle.  So I decided it must be the commutator.  I spent a couple hours on top of the pivot cleaning brushes and contact rings.  Started it up, ran about 15 minutes and shut down.

THAT was when I realized I hadn't turned the safety switch to run.  So it must be the engine. it was hot.  Hmmmm...  So I plumbed up this
and it seems to be working.  I don't like it because it will lime everything up.  But desperate times lead to desperate actions.  I changed oil in the south engine, parked the north system and drained the oil, moved the towable, started it up and made it home by 9 PM.

It may be time for a shower.

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