Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I agreed to spend some money

Well, I agreed to spend some money today. I listed the bulk seed tender in an earlier post on AgTalk Classifieds and sold it with one phone call. The second guy that called was a bit disappointed, and I mentioned we had a Pro-Box tender we were thinking of selling.
He bought it! 
Aman and I looked seed tenders the National Farm Machinery Show, at the Gordyville Farm Show, and the Farm Progress Show, so it isn't like we're jumping into this. We both really liked the looks of Clark's Easiload.  Here is their 2 box low profile version
It has a poly auger instead of a belt conveyor, but our experience with them has been pretty good.  At least as good as the air systems we have been using.  The poly auger is a lot less bulky than the belt conveyors we have  After pondering a bit I made a big leap and ordered the 4 box trailer shown above. 3 boxes just barely fill the drill twice.  if you have to stop filling to go load the trailer you haven't gained anything.
 I declined the optional aluminum wheels

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