Thursday, September 22, 2011

Been down to ROC

ROC's a kind of interesting place.  There isn't much Ralph and Curt can't do.  As Dad used to say, they can weld a **** to a shingle if you can hold it there.  They put our blue truck together for us.
 it had a few problems
But it turned out pretty good
 When someone who shall remain nameless stuck the Bush Hog wheel in a culvert and literally ripped it off, ROC put it back together so well Aman forgot it had been broken.
(darn, forgot to take any pictures)

They also do field repair.  This is what they started with for us a couple years ago
Yes, that motor is on the wrong side of the frame.  It broke the mounts and flopped over instead of falling off.  Nothing like welding in an irrigated bean field in the mud and water and heat all at the same time.  When they got done you have to look really close to tell it isn't OEM.

 Ralph has gotten good at Bush Hog repair this summer. He's put wheels back on, rebuilt drive shafts, changed blades ... had one in this week I'd have hauled to the scrap yard
(I decided not to embarass any one by taking pictures of it).

The other day I was getting a battery (they sell Interstate batteries as well)
 and this was setting in the middle of the floor.
Curt had built 3 of them.  No, it isn't a form for building scale models of pyramids.  Ralph calls them trash cutters.  You put them over the auger sump in a grain bin, and it keeps trash and chunks from plugging the auger.  They seem to get a lot of interest in them in January and February.

Oh, how's farming going?  We've cut about 70 acres of beans.  Been figuring scale tickets. Field averages so far 39.87, 38.68, 46.88. Not bad for sand beans. Before we started I'd have sold you the whole lot for 30 and smiled all the way to the bank.

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