Monday, August 22, 2011

Just playing in the water

I've said before, "the only thing worse than having an irrigator is needing an irrigator." This year may prove that.  I was spraying around the edge of the fields at Gramp's Thursday.  There were a couple little places the beans looked a bit dry, but overall things didn't look too bad all things considered.  A couple days changed things a lot.

I was surprised how quickly things have changed.

By Sunday afternoon the sand streaks were showing up pretty well.  I spent the afternoon messing with irrigators.
 I had to park the Shawler's south system, then move it, then start it.  Then I changed the oil in the Drake Place north system and started it. Then I started up Shawler north. 

If we don't get rain soon things may get ugly in the bean fields.

From the road the corn looks fairly decent.  Out in the field things change.  However, it is too variable to make any predictions as to yield. 

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