Saturday, August 13, 2011

I was using a string trimmer today ..

I was using a string trimmer today (OK, I know most people would call it a Weedeater, but I spent too many years with Xerox getting the difference between a trademark name and a common name beat in my head. it was technically an Echo string trimmer).

And like most times using one I thought of Grandpa Neal.

Why are they so associated in my head?  That may take some "'splainin'" (You need to have seen some old "I Love Lucy" shows to get that)

Gramps was a life-long farmer.  In fact, I don't recall anything ever being said about him doing anything else. He retired about age 65 ... but he was still on the farm.  As a farmer he hated weeds in his bean field.

We were at dad's one day working and kept hearing this noise.  We couldn't figure it out until finally we saw Gramps ... I'm guessing he would have been in his 80's ... out in the middle of a bean field with a Weedeater cutting off hemp dogbane.

So whenever I run one of these blasted things I think of Gramps.

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  1. "Weedeater" hardly lives up to its reputation anymore. At least you were using a quality string trimmer.