Friday, August 26, 2011


Yes, harvest has started in southeast Illinois.

Seed corn harvest, that is.  NTR started picking for Syngenta on us Thursday the 25th.   I'm told it is around 35% moisture.  Stalks are really green.  In fact, I irrigated it earlier this week! 
They are running an Oxbo harvester with a 12 row head.

The chase tractors are Challengers.
They tell me they like the tracks tractors better for crossing irrigation tracks. The corn is picked on the ear with shucks intact.  If possible the chase tractor and cart will run beside them and load directly.
If not, the picker will put it in the cart it pulls and then transfer to a dump cart.  It then goes to the waiting semi tractor/trailer.
If you can pick 12 rows at 5 - 6 MPH and rarely stop to unload you can cover a lot of ground quickly.

They started about 8:30 and by dark had finished 166 acres in 3 fields.  That is even more impressive when you consider Syngenta was doing some yield checks on a new seed treatment and had each field divided into blocks that had to be harvested separately

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