Monday, September 20, 2010

Making progress

We're about half done with corn, we're waiting on beans to dry, still a little early to plant wheat.  Yeah, I know, Dad used to plant wheat any time after the 15th of September.  We're not getting too excited until after the first of October.

Oh, in case you're in Tennessee or Wisconsin or something and forget what it looks like from the combine here are a few shots through the windshield.  5676 is a really trashy corn at times.

We finished corn on Gramp's place today.  Don't have a clue what it made, but my guess is over 180 on the whole field.  Put most of it in the bin, except for some from my part to cover a fall delivery contract.

 Steve and maybe Bob can probably look at that photo and not only tell you where it was taken but what bins we were unloading into.  And because of the bins we were putting it in make a pretty good guess on the moisture.  Sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

I left a message on the Beck's rep's voice mail this afternoon.  We knew he was in a meeting in Indy.
I said:

"Durn Beck's corn.  We used to get by with 3 little straight trucks.  Now I have 3 10-wheelers and I'm still having trouble keeping up."

He hasn't called back.

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