Thursday, September 9, 2010

Corn harvest has started

I didn't think it was that dry.  And REALLY didn't expect the yields we are seeing.  I just hope it continues.  We've finished 7 fields.  OK, so 5 of them were under 5 acres each.  One was 20 and one was 40.  The 40 was the one outlined in red below
Yields are pretty steady in the 180 range

We had the Beck's DSM bring out his weigh wagon (we've mowed around it all summer) and check a couple places in one field. 189 and 190.  The 40 acres he took the checks in averaged 180.  The 20 acre field went 180.  Been some lines at the elevator already.  We're taking in corn now and saving our bin space anticipating more problems later.

But we could be wrong.  I mean, I'm the guy who went in with the 6 row and spotted in corn in the drowned out spots.

Looked like a good idea at the time.  Little green now.  We've also shelled the end rows off 3-4 fields checking moisture.

Moisture was 18-23%.  If the rain stays away we'll set up an auger or two tomorrow and start going to the bin.

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