Thursday, August 5, 2010

Must be nice to be a farmer ... only work 6 weeks a year

Whoever said that didn't have irrigators.  That was always one of Dad's big irritations, people ... especially farmers ... who didn't understand the time constraints on us this time of year.  I'm trying to free up time to go to the family reunion. I have one system running right now and hopefully will be caught up enough I can leave them off this weekend.

Got a rain Wednesday night.  I was moving the towable and saw this moving in.

I knew Sue was at church.  I called Mom ... no answer.  Called Becky ...  no answer.  So I called Bob in Memphis "This is going to sound really dumb since you are in Memphis and I'm in Illinois, but could you check the radar for me?" Something just sounds wrong about that.

Had .1" at the shed.  Mom had .46"  At home I had a damp sidewalk

Aman and I moved the towable late this afternoon.
 It should be around first thing in the morning.  Had trouble with the JD engine this week, the oil pressure gauge went bad.  Normally that would be "Hmmm... interesting" but the Murphy Switch shuts down the engine if there is no oil pressure indicated.

Fortunately Carlisle Valley irrigation had one.  They were $28 online if I bought 10. Schumaker has them for $60.  I haven't got the bill for this one yet.

Went to start Lyman's pump.  Nothing. Just a click. Removed the starter
This isn't it, but it looks just like it.  Stopped by ROC to see if Ralph had any better suggestion than BC Electric. He pondered a minute, pulled the end off the starter motor, sandpapered the contacts and put it back together.  It worked!  By the way, the "engineer" who put the bolt on the back side of that starter should have been beaten severely ... and if he had been around would have been.

Went to start the electric drive we buy water from on Teeters (that's the one in the photo currently at the top of this page).  Had to replace 2 fuses
I REALLY don't understand 3 phase electricity.  Had 3 fuses.  check voltage at top, all showed same voltage.  Checked voltage at bottom, all showed same voltage.  But one was blown. I was getting the voltage backfeeding through the motor. Finally pulled the fuses and checked with ohm meter.  One bad. Ran up to Mom's, got a spare, put it in, system started ... and blew another one.  Run to Mom's, get ALL the spares, got it going.

So now we are one circle away from being caught up for the week.

The only thing worse than having an irrigator is needing an irrigator.

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