Sunday, August 22, 2010

Harvest is near

The week got better.  I still have the feeling I'm not getting things done as quickly as I would like. But we did make a few accomplishments done this week.  As I said in an earlier post, the sleeper finally headed for Texas.  And later in the week the red truck headed for Missouri.

Oh, and Rick sent me a photo of it at its new home next to the donor truck

And then we cleaned up the shop.

Yes, actually found the floor!

They are supposed to start picking our seed production tomorrow.  So this afternoon I I put the head on the combine and cut the milo along the end rows.  It was a bit wet ... like 22% or better.  But it was going to be knocked down by the picker so I decided to cut it and spread iy out in the truck to (hopefully) dry.

I mentioned on my personal blog ( I had been interviewed for Successful Farming's Radio Magazine  It will air August 31.  You can download the audio file at

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