Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 Air Tour

(Before I start let me apologize.  For some reason what I see when I make my post and what gets published are not quite agreeing. I don't know if it is the laptop or blogspot.  Maybe I can correct it with a later edit.)

The Clark County Soil and Water Conservation District holds an annual air tour, where you pay a fair amount to go for a plane ride over your farm.  We try to do it every year and take lots of photos while we are up.   Between the two of us Sue and I took over 100 photos this time.  They did not turn out as clear as they have in the past. The windows had some kind of coating which tended to confuse the camera focus.  And the ride was rough enough we didn't get very low. Here are a few:

These two amaze me because so much of what we farm can be captured in a couple photos.  I did a little playing with Paint to outline some fields we farm.
Yes, that is Grandpa Neal's

Here is Mom's from almost straight overhead
And of course South of Walnut Prairie
These next 3 are not ours
Tthat is Baughman Woods at the top with one of those government sponsored man-made duck ponds.  So is this next one is.  The patch of trees at the top right corner is Mildred Morris's place
This is what Steve would know as "Grandma Wernz's"
I think it is a duck pond in progress.
One more I want to include that has nothing to do with the farm.  This is the Wabash River north of York, a spot known commonly as "Griffith's Ripple".  This shows 2 things, one how low the river is (that sandbar is about 3/4 mile long) and how the river is moving.  Note the layering effect of the trees.  The river has moved enough that I suspect much of the sandbar is now in  Indiana.
The photo above would fit at the bottom left corner of this shot
Like I said, we took over 100 photos.  Maybe I can post a few more at a later date.

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  1. my name is willaim i was wondering if i coulld have permmison to fish and camp on the ripple. if its ok u can contact me on my cell 217-218-7987