Friday, May 28, 2010

getting closer ...

We made some progress planting.   We looked at Mom's and thought it was too wet, but maybe we could plant the plot and 40 acres.  So Aman and Kent planted the bean plot while I Tilloll'd the 40

That's them changing varieties while I'm working on the 40 acres across the driveway.  Well, except I ended up doing almost 100 acres.  It was rather interesting.  The ground we had not worked at all this year was drier than the ground we had disked a few weeks ago.

Aman ended up planting over 100 acres after lunch.  I went across the road and dug up most of Gramp's irrigated 80.  I finished it this morning and we planted it today.  It's all a little rough in spots, but this year most everything was a bit rough.

We're down to 80, 43, and 10 plus 4 creek bottom fields.  I think with no rain Monday we might have a chance on some of it ... if we can scare the ducks and geese away (any conservation officers reading, kidding, just kidding ...).

I was able to side dress a little nitrogen in some spots that were missed or thin.  The corn in the picture above for instance.  We had 28% nitrogen broadcast with Bicep and Capture and then worked it in before planting.  The problem with doing that in split fields is getting the planted area to match the area applied.  We only had 2 fields that was a problem in.  In one we had them spread a few acres of nitrogen without herbicide.  In the other I made sure I planted farther than they spread.  So I came back with the applicator and put some 28% N down in about 24 rows.

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