Thursday, May 20, 2010

Isn't that beautiful ?

I know, most people don't get that excited about corn spiking through the ground ... even farmers.  But a week ago Monday we had corn and bean ground worked with chemicals and fertilizer on it that had been rained on we could stale seedbed plant into.  I told Aman we had crop insurance on the corn, we had free replant from Beck's on corn and beans, there was no reason not to chance it.

So we went out before the predicted heavy rain and planted corn and beans.  Barely planted them. So shallow in ground so wet the slot barely closed.  And it rained. Aman brought the seed wagon in in the rain.  I finished planting in the rain.

Yep, that is a beautiful sight.

The beans look like their terribly thin.  I'm told if drilled beans look so thin you think they need replanted they're about right.  In that case the beans are perfect.

On the other hand, the 80 acres I though we were going to have to replant, the one the crop insurance adjuster said replant, the one we have the free replant seed for,  looks like it may no need replanted.  After 3 weeks we still have seedlings emerging.  Not just stragglers, but big blocks coming up at the same time.  I guess Becks "Escalate" seed treatment works.  By the time we are going to be able to get across the field and do anything I suspect we will look at it and say "Ya know, it ain't so bad".

But my seed dealer isn't sure how he is going to explain to the computer he is returning free replant seed corn.  It doesn't understand that.

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