Saturday, February 18, 2012

You see some of the silliest things

I commented on my personal blog recently about some of the dumb stuff a particular gas station did. Like piling truck tires in the driveway so you had to drive around them
Driving around this winter I keep seeing odd stuff.  Some is amusing, some heart breaking.  We were setting at a stop light Friday when I noticed the car in front of us.  Apparently they had trouble with the trunk release
it may not show here.  The key lock on the trunk door has a piece of metal pop-riveted over it.  A piece about the size an arm would need to unlatch it.

I didn't get a picture of it, but we followed an '80's Chevy Impala up 13th street in Terre Haute with the back end jacked up so high the bumper was at our eye level in the Honda.

I have been noticing some odd installations in Men's Rooms the last few months.  For instance this
Why they would plumb it that way ... had to be a farmer just using what he had on hand.
 Anyway, I thought I needed to update with SOMETHING.  To see what I have been doing visit my personal blog at

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