Saturday, February 4, 2012

Well, my streak may have run out

We've been doing some trading around on the farm.  I took Steve to get his truck out of the shop in Terre Haute one day and in the process got talking with the sales manager.  He asked if I was looking for something?

I told him I was too cheap.

"How cheap?"

"Really cheap."

"Come look at this..."

"This" was his personal truck.  He has a son in college and is needing money more than 8 vehicles (I can understand that). '01 Dodge 1500 extended cab 4WD fancy wheels, toolbox, Reese hitch.  Kind of like this but actually better looking:
It was even red.

He said a price.  I made an offer.  He said OK.

Great, how do I explain this at home?

On the way home I got to thinking about it.  Aman's truck is showing it's age, we have a Jeep we don't us nearly as much as I anticipated, 
and we have a flatbed we rarely use since got the F550. 
I offered to trade Aman straight up, then we'd sell it and the other 2 and I should come out even.

He thought on it for about 2 seconds.  Kind of like when I traded Jim the Toyota truck for the old Camaro ... REALLY? SERIOUSLY?

He listed his truck, sold it rather quickly.  I mentioned on Facebook I was going to sell the Jeep.  That was about 8 AM.  By noon I had a check in my hand.

I was talking to Ralph at the welding shop.  He had a tag axle for a truck he'd been trying to sell with no success.  I suggested he let me list it on the AgTalk+ Classifieds for him.  I listed it about 11:00 one night
A bit after 8 the next day he called to say it had been sold ... to a guy in Virginia.

We have some stuff I'm tired of walking over and around, like the planter closing wheels and stuff on the pallet I bought a couple years ago.

I listed them on AT+ late Thursday night.  By 11 the next day they were all spoken for

I listed the flat bed last night.
 It's a good truck, too good a combination to break up.
No calls yet

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