Thursday, January 13, 2011

Decisions ... decisions

I did something kind of impulsive a few weeks ago and bought a single axle semi tractor

Good looking little tractor.  But we have been kicking around whether to get a short trailer or put a set of tandems under it, stretch the frame, and move the bed off the Ford on to it.

We've looked at a couple trailers.  One salesman even came out and looked at the Ford!

He hasn't got back with a price yet.  But he has a new 24 ft Maurer trailer that is pretty tempting.

Our biggest reservation isn't cost as much as figuring out if a trailer is the best move for us.  I don't think a long trailer would be a wise choice, but maybe a short one.  If we get a long trailer not only is it more difficult to maneuver, but it is substantially larger than everything else, which causes bottlenecks in harvest.

Decisions, decisions.

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  1. Mike,
    We have a single axle tractor with a short jet hopper. Very easy to manage, we dump into a pit so it is handier than a dump hoist. Looks like you would need a side shoot to unload into your auger. We do have a problem if it is slick, hard to pull the trailer in mud. Jet builds a better trailer, check their price.