Sunday, January 9, 2011

Anyone need a modem?

I guess technology moves on. We are in the process of shuffling computers around.  We started to work on Mom's records when the hard drive died.  I wasn't too inclined to put much money and time in a Windows 98 machine, so we took the Xp computer from the tool room and moved it to the house.  I had another Xp machine at home we weren't using for much, so I'm taking it to the shop.  However, to use it in the shop it needed a wireless modem.  To install that I had to remove the telephone modem

I guess that is progress.

I'm also learning about wireless networking.  I got Sue a new laptop for her birthday.  The Lexmark printer in the office had wireless capabilities but I never tried getting it to work. So I sat down and configured her laptop, my laptop, and the netbook to work with it.  Amazingly, it worked!

Who knows, someday I might be current with technology.

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