Friday, March 5, 2010

What HAVE we been doing?

Doesn't seem like we got much accomplished this week, but it took all week to do it. We got the headlamp assemblies, 2 way radio, drill monitor, and GPS in Baby this week.  I ordered HID bulbs for it, but they are back-ordered until about the 10th.

I guess Spring is getting close, we finally washed last fall's mud off the combine, put it in storage and brought the planter home.  That was after putting new front tires on the combine.  I've sweat the last couple years, watching a crack in the side wall of one tire go round.  On bottom it would get bigger, on top it would close, get bigger, close.  We had worn the size and name off the sidewalls from rubbing against stubble.  BEI had a promo, plus a projected 8% price increase, so we took a deep breath and put a pair of Michelin Megaxbib's on it
They cost a bit more than Firestones, but I think (hope) over the life of the tire they will pay.  I fully expect to take these off the combine and put on a new one when we trade it in a few years.  I gave more for these tires than all but one of the pickup trucks I have ever purchased... and that one truck was close.

We're talking about trying starter fertilizer again.  I don't want to mess with it, and the return is not consistent, but when it does work it pays for the years it didn't and then some. We still haven't decided yet.  And if we use starter we can use Capture insecticide with it and cost about half what we are spending on Warrior.  I worry more about wireworms than I do rootworms and capture will do more for that cheaper than anything else.  We went to a meeting about it this week.  After listening to everyone's pitch I said "You know, if I do everything you guys tell me I'll get 10 bushels more from this and 6 from that and 11 from something else ... I'm going to have to buy another truck!"

Speaking of trucks, we removed the seats and pulled the carpet out of the KW.  It was beyond cleaning.  I don't know what replacement carpet through Kenworth is other than the parts guy said "Oh that's kind of expensive".  We didn't have any success finding any aftermarket.  We got to pondering on it, went to Big R and bought a bed liner for a Ford shortbed.  Aman cut it to match the removed carpet and put it in the cab.  If a guy were going over the road it would not be acceptable, but for our use it will work better than carpet.

Well, if the pile on my desk gets any higher I won't be able to see the screen.  Time to shuffle some papers.

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