Thursday, March 18, 2010

Field work has begun

Field work has begun ... didn't last too long, though. About 4 PM we looked at the little field in front of the house and said "Let's see if we can get the neighbors stirred up."  So we got out Baby and tied her on the little Soil Saver.  It was just almost dry enough
In fact, when I was doing the north end rows I had to carry the chisel plow a little because I ran out of traction.  When a 4 wheel drive tractor runs out of traction on a 9 shank Soil Saver ... it's too wet.

This morning we picked up the bed for the blue truck.  Probably be next week before Ralph gets a clear space for it.

Oh, I mentioned stirring the neighbors. Aman called on his way home.  Jay had the field south of his house about half done.  Close, it's getting close.  Well, not too close.  Here's the latest river stage.  Murphy's 20 will be wet again.  Sure makes me miss farming the river bottom (listen closely to the tone of my voice when I say that)

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