Friday, October 16, 2009

If it weren't for bad luck ...

Remember the ditty on Hee-Haw? If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all? That's how the fall is beginning to feel. We're about a third done with soybeans. Milo is done except for 10 acres of dry corners. Corn is barely started ... as in we have shelled about 800 bushels and quit because it was a lot wetter than we expected. Visit my blog at for the fun I have been having with drying that corn.

And we learned something not to do to a 366 Chevy truck engine. Everyone said we should replace the points and coil distributor with an HEI pointless distributor. The red truck needed a tune up, and we thought rather than replace old with new of the same we'd take the opportunity to to upgrade the ignition.

Aman went to O'Reilly's and told them what we wanted. "This is just the thing" What they didn't know, and it seems most Chevy gear heads don't know, is that a 366 is a "tall deck" engine. That means the Big Block distributor looks like it will drop in ... but it won't drive the oil pump. We found this out about 100 yards down the road when the engine quit running.

O'Reilly's says the part worked correctly, we should have made sure it was the right part for the application. They did allow us to return the distributor and ignition wires. I need to frame that receipt, as it will be the last one I ever get from O'Reilly's.

We have found it doesn't matter how you do it, rebuild what we have, buy a rebuilt, buy a used one and put it in, etc and etc it is going to cost $4000. When you get all done it is going to take at least $4000 to do it. Rather than put $4000 in a 35 year old truck we are exploring other options. So here is a photo of the 75 Chevy truck in action, never again to be duplicated.

Our plan is to put the bed and hoist on a different chassis this winter. We have one spoken for. That will be a whole 'nother story once we get it going. I'll just say Wabash Valley is involved.
(I can hear Jim groaning.)

And it has rained or drizzled and not dried any for most of the week.

Oh well, if it were easy anyone could do it.

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