Monday, October 12, 2009

How has the fall been going? When you are unloading beans at the elevator and see a huge sun dog like this you get this gnawing feeling in your stomach.

That was followed by 3.6 inches of rain over the next few days.

We did find something out this weekend. If you wish to replace the old points and coil distributor on a Chevy 366 truck engine with a high output pointless HEI distributor be sure and drop the oil pan and replace the oil pump. Because the oil pump rive shaft will not work with the new distributor. We found this out after the truck ran 100 yards down the road and quit.

Fortunately we were able to pull it back to the shop, reinstall the old distributor, and get everything going. So far it runs good and maybe .. just maybe .. there is no damage.

We got back in the field on Columbus Day ... to find the hand shelled sample of under 22% corn was 26% from the combine. Notice how nicely it peaks in the truck...
After a load and a half of that we put the bean head back on and put the combine away.

I fired up the dryer fan with no problem. Went to hook up the thermostat for the burner and discovered the !@#$!! mice had gotten inside the control box on the fan. There was so much bare wire I was afraid to touch anything and turned it off at the breaker box. So tomorrow I get to do some rewiring. Oh, and the Stirator won't work either. I fear this is going to require 20 ft ladders inside a grain bin to repair.

Now if we could just figure out how to get the bucket truck inside the grain bin ...

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