Friday, September 21, 2012

Ronnie, I KNOW what the rope is for

We bought a 34 ft Jet semi trailer last winter.  It came with a rope tied in both hoppers.
There has been speculation over what it was for.

"It's so you know how many bushels are in it."

"It keeps the corn from bridging over"

"It's so you can grab something if you are inside while unloading and start to go under."

I can now tell you what the rope is for.  In a minute. The explanation takes some background.

We finished with corn, and I decided we would paint some Slip Plate paint in the corners of the Maurer trailer so grain would run out of the corners a bit better.  Like usual I didn't fully explain what I wanted, so Aman did what he understood me to want and painted the bottom slopes.  So Wednesday afternoon I climbed in the Maurer and finished the painting.
Oh, BTW if you are in the bottom of a hopper trailer leaning up on the slope holding a gallon paint can and lose your balance ... well, I have a shirt that has a graphite black sleeve and we have one corner painted really well.

Anyway, I got done and had paint left over so I decided to see if the Jet needed a little slick paint anyplace.

No, it does not.

I got in the front hopper on the Jet and started down to look at it when the next thing I know I'm in the bottom of the trailer looking up at the roof.  It doesn't need any more slickness to it.

 Fortunately I landed on my head.  After I laid there a couple minutes doing a self-evaluation I decided there probably wasn't anything broken.   And THIS is when I found what the rope is there for.

Ronnie was mostly right.  The rope is so you can get out when you end up in the bottom of the trailer all by yourself.

It's a great rope.  But a ladder might be nice.

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