Saturday, August 11, 2012

What's THAT ?

My friend Jim was helping with a few things Friday.  We were driving down the road when he asked what the white flowers were in the neighbor's bean field.
When I took the photo it was late enough in the evening the light wasn't very good for my phone.  Here is a better view from a web site I found
It's been years since I saw those in a bean field.  Roundup kind of solved that problem.

Anyway, later we went past the cemetery and picked up a couple limbs that were down.  We took them down to Mom's brush pile and I commented "Watch out for the sandburrs."

"What's a sandburr?"

So I showed him
I won't repeat everything he said, but he was suitably impressed.  He allowed as how those things would poke right through your skin!  I agreed.

It also got me thinking how weeds have changed.  We rarely have a Jimson Weed problem any more
and hemp dogbane isn't nearly the problem it looked like 20 year ago
By the same token, 20 years ago we didn't know what a waterhemp or Palmer amaranth was.  And we still have Giant Ragweeds and Velvetleaf.

Probably always will.

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