Thursday, March 22, 2012

Goodby dear friends

Now, don't be jumping to conclusions.  it's not a suicide note.  I'm not making a big change in life ... well, maybe I am.  Wednesday a couple friends left the country.
Or at least our farm.
Bill from Birkey's said "I bet you don't think I can haul both of them at one time"
I didn't tell him I didn't have a doubt he could.
I took the wiring harness for the monitor to Oakland Wednesday morning and they asked if it would be OK to come pick up the tractors?  There was a guy coming from 4 hours north of Oakland to look at the Magnum.
An hour and a half later they were on the road
I'm probably going to miss them at times.  Every once in a while it would be nice to have a second Magnum or 4WD.  And I imagine when I start trying to figure out all these buttons, switches, and knobs I will miss the simplicity of both of them
Oh, and that is before we add the autosteer
and planter monitor.
But there are a lot fewer tires to maintain, half as many engines and transmissions.
A LOT more computers involved.
But she is pretty good lookin'

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