Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to it

Well, I guess it is time to get back to work.  We have basically been shut down for the last 10 days or so. Between Christmas and family and going to the mountains

for Jill's wedding (see http://walnutprairie.blogspot.com/) the farm has pretty much had to survive without us.

I came out to the office to get things going again and found the monitor for the business computer wouldn't start up.  I guess it thought we abandoned it.  This is the longest it has been unpowered since we started using it.  No screen display, no indicator light, nothing.  So I dragged up an old CRT tube monitor out of the basement, plugged it in, and it worked.

It wasn't quite as simple as it sounds.  If you've seen my desk recently the only reason there were clear spots was because the piles got so tall they slid off in the floor. So I had to find a place for a CRT footprint on a flat screen desk.

In the process I decided it was time to clear out my card file with phone numbers and passwords in it.  I've freed up a lot of space. I've been tossing cards with contact info from when I sold copiers and cell phones!  I don't thik I need the contact numbers, account info, and part number for a Motorola T400 cell phone hang up cup.

And there is info I won't need anymore.  Hotel info for Johnson City, a card with Milligan numbers including after hours security, Jill's advisor, contact names, etc.

It is amazing how may web sites I have login and passwords for that do not exist now! And businesses as well.  I just tossed a couple for businesses that are gone.

I need to spend a week at the desk catching up on last week ... and looking out the window and at the thermometer I may just do that!

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