Friday, December 9, 2011

I really wish Dad had gotten cold ......

Dad was one of those folks who never got cold.  Well, that isn't entirely true.  He just tolerated cold a lot better than I do.  So he didn't bother to insulate or heat his shop.  He had a kerosene torpedo heater he used a little when it got REALLY cold.  But Aman and I aren't as resistant to cold as Dad was.  So we started a winter project. Aman went to Sullivan, IL and got 5 bundles of insulation board.  So we are in the process of insulating the shop.  The problem with that is we have to move everything out from the walls ... some of which I don't think has been moved in 30 years.

We got to the window and decided there was room for improvement.  So we went to Tempco and dug through through the salvage window corner  We found a nice window a little wider than the one there.  Insulated glass, vinyl frame, etc.  So we made a little bit bigger hole
and put in the new window.
When we are done it will make the shop a lot more usable in cold weather.

It wasn't our first choice.  We would like to have had it foamed., but the estimate I got was $13,000.  I'm just a little cheap.

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  1. I too lean to the cheap side, but that sounds more realistic than cheap.