Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday 3-30-2011

I'll be posting a little more often for the next week or two so some folks can keep track of what's happening down here on the farm.  Today Aman and I investigated an opportunity.  We have been asked to farm a little piece of land that we were not very familiar with.  It's basically a high spot in the low river bottoms. It has wheat on it now.  In exchange for farming it we would have to plant some wildlife food plots.   We took a ride on the Mule to look at it.  Snowing, blowing, cold, windy, winter weather.   Unfortunately, we were unable to look at the food plots o see what is involved.  We decided to try it for this year and then decide before next year whether to continue or not.

I worked on the F550 off an on all day.  I mounted a 2-way antenna on the fender, ran the coax, and then started figuring out how to mount the radio. I had to built a bracjket for the radio, them build a mount for the bracket to the dash.  It involved hammering and cutting and drilling and grinding and welding ... Adam would have loved it.  It is currently hanging in the tool room letting the paint dry.  About 1/4 inch of paint makes even my welding look passable.

Sue and I ran to Marshall for lunch .. I had never driven the 550!  After lunch I had t swing past the insurance office and sign some papers, went to Wal-Mart and had a key made for the 550. One key. That is all they had in stock!

While waiting for the paint to dry I made the Mule into an official Fire Dept vehicle.  I clamped a piece of scrap steel to the roll bar and stuck the magnetic blue rotating light on it.  We had a controlled burn of some CRP scheduled for this afternoon.

It got set back a little bit but turned out to be a near perfect day.   Warm, very slight breeze, sunshine ... Yes, this lovely Spring day was the same day as the lousy winter weather in the morning.  I love Illinois weather.

That is about all that happened here today ... so far.
Later Y'all

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