Saturday, November 13, 2010

More non-field work

Earlier this week I mentioned working on a barn roof.  I don't know if it's finished but I worked on it until I ran down both cordless drill batteries.  I don't think they were fully charged.

It actually turned out pretty good.  I got the edges of the sheet back in place and shot a deck screw through the side of the rib. (Deck screws are just like drywall screws but coated to be used outside.)  Once I got done with that I got out the caulking gun and tube of silicone and covered the heads.

Well, to be honest, I got the ones I could reach off the ladder.  I guess this cold I've been fighting has affected my balance.  I got up on the roof pulling down loose roofing sheets when I got a bit off balance and decided those spots weren't nearly as loose as they looked.

I think this will be a good day to stay in the office an catch up on paperwork.  Actually I need to spend a week or so in here doing stuff like that.  I'd rather run a chain saw.

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