Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Papaw drives red combines

Adam is beginning to get a grasp of colors.  It was mentioned Papaw was test driving a green combine.  He was a little bothered by that because Papaw only drives red combines.  Today we tested a red combine.  Bane Equipment has an 8120 they are demo'ing around. 

Lot bigger combine than I can justify.  But it gave us a chance to play with the bells and whistles we don't have on ours. Touch screen monitor, computer controlled everything. But you put corn in one end and it comes out the other just like a 55 John Deere.  It just does it a lot faster and easier.

One thing we were surprised by was the corn head they brought.  We have been looking at cornheads.  Regardless of what we do, ours needs replaced. One of the reasons we went to Louisville to the Farm Show this year was to look at heads.  We had discussed Drago and Geringhoff, and Surprise! They brought a Geringhoff Northstar head
 I was really glad they did, because I would have hated to spend more than $40,000 on a head that disappointed me so much
I had some planter problems and double planted a couple spots. That gave me the opportunity to see how it handled down corn.  My old worn out IH head would have done a better job.  Part of the problem is the snouts do not get low enough
This is about as low as they go. Maybe just a bit lower, but I think in the position they are in the gathering chains re touching dirt. The tips of the snouts never contact the ground.  They don't get under the downcorn well enough, and when it does pick up down corn you get this

It doesn't seem to slide well.  To be fair, we had some drizzle in the morning and the leaves were still just a bit damp.  But I was rather disappointed in the head.

The combine worked great. The 7010 is a similar machine just a little smaller.  But I ... well, I haven't seen any numbers but will be very surprised if this class (size) of machine fits in my budget.

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