Sunday, July 11, 2010

So what HAVE we done all week?

I was setting here contemplating what we got accomplished last week and what needs to happen this week.Seems like most of last week was consumed by irrigators. Not hard work, not constant work, but it gets in the way of getting anything else done.  Should be better now that detasselling is finished.  Coordinating water needs and machine movement and fungicide and insecticide applications and reentry times afterward ... sure am glad it rained.

This week I am going to be distracted by personal business all day Tuesday and at least parts of Monday and Wednesday.

Got the new truck out last week.  We had some wheat that had a lot of green stuff in it, so we put it in a wagon and stuck 2 aeration tubes and fans in it for a couple weeks.  Got it out and set up a squirrel cage fan as it came out of the wagon into a weigh wagon then into the truck

Cleaned it up pretty good!
And it worked ... sort of.  Put 16% wheat in the wagon, ran fans for 2 weeks, blew some of the light stuff out,  when we sold it the moisture was 17.2% (that's going the wrong way, Bob)

Just had one little problem.  Aman was pulling up under the auger and hit the brakes and it made this awful noise.  I went to looking and found this  You can see it in the photo above once you realize what you are looking at.

Blew one of the air brake cans apart.  For those uninitiated in air brakes, that means the gray and black thing with the hoses attached is supposed to be around the flat disk with the spring behind it.

The funny thing was we had replaced the ones on the front tandem axle because they were not the spring loaded type.  So ...ROC now has 2 new ones on the floor for us to install this week.  Back to this week ...

Just got an email from someone interested in the red truck.  To plan B before we get plan A written out.  I was going to decide what to do with red.  Mow roads, spray around fields and buildings, clean out the white crib, work on Neal's crib and barn, cut trees, cut more trees, cut trees in the ditch on Murphy and between the 80's ...

Oh, and while we are in Terre Haute on personal business Tuesday I need to run my battery charge last Harbor Freight and see how good the warranty is.  Let's see, I of course filed that receipt in the right place ... I think it was that stack ...

And the 15th is this week so I have NFIRS reports and withholding payments.  And I realized this afternoon I never completed my FOIA training for the Fire Dept and the Cemetery (I was going to have to do it for the FD anyway, so why not do it for the cemetery as well?  Pays the same either way)  And I just learned about SPCC.  See  Another blasted government form to go in a file someplace so if there is ever a problem they can point their finger at me and go "You did it wrong!"

Which reminds me, since the blue truck is now in service I need to fix up a DOT file for it. And then I have to  .... ARGHH !  I just LOVE paperwork.

David and Adam helped Pap-Paw Friday afternoon.  We put together the marble raceway which diagrams government paperwork pretty well.

You put it in and nobody knows WHERE it will come out.

Oh, and seems like there is something important about the 12th.  Something about 35 years ago ...

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